Msgr. Paul Dwyer Catholic High School celebrates Pride Month

Posted On Tuesday June 28, 2022

Students at Msgr. Paul Dwyer Catholic High School restarted a GSA this school year. The first order of business was renaming the group, which the students decided to call S.A.G.E standing for “Sexualities and Genders Equality”.  

The school's club big initiatives for the year centered around Pride month. The school celebrated with week long pride events from June 6 - 10, 2022. Throughout the week, students played music relating to 2SLGBTQIA+ themes and ran “Did you know” facts relating to the history of Pride and Pride events in Canada.  

The largest event during the week was button and sticker sales to students and staff. Members of S.A.G.E submitted art that we turned into buttons using a button press even offering “Press on Demand” so students could watch their purchases get made. The week was very successful and we hope to further develop our activities in upcoming years.